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Queuethulu Games

Queuethulu Games is a small group of artists with love of retro games. Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota they aim to create new and fun experiences and share thier stories with you

About Us

Founded in 2010, Queuethulu originally worked as an independent dev, helping with projects here and there.

For a few years now, Queuthulu has done sprite work and voice acting while working on his own project.

The Queuethulu Games team consists of artist, writers, cosplayers and fans of gaming. When not streaming, they stream games on twitch and youtube. They hope to entertain you while continuing to grow as a group.

We want you for this new adventure! As retro gaming is our first love as a group, we hope that our first major endevor is as exciting for you as it is for us working on it.

Project: Space Ranger

Names are hard. This as of yet unnamed project is about two friends who are sucked into an alternate reality. There they must save the inhabitants from an invading force that drains the life from everything they touch. The player will switch between the heroes on the fly utilizing thier individual strengths to venture through the world.

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Entrance castle

Loveletter to Metroidvanias

Backtracking sucks. We are doing our best to limit backtracking as much as possible. Using the unique moves of the characters, the player can access all regions in whatever order they wish. Defeating the region bosses will grant the player new abilities to prepare them for the end.

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